All Mums make small sacrifices in the effort to best care for their kids. I have correlated a list of twenty ways you can tell if you’re a Mum.

You know you’re a Mum if:

  • You can’t remember the last time you had a piping hot beverage.
  • You have about ten layers of nail varnish on your toenails, because you never have time to remove the previous layer, so you just paint over the top of it.
  • When you go out for dinner with your family, the moment your meal arrives, one of your kids suddenly needs to use the bathroom urgently. Hence, you can’t remember the last time you had a professionally prepared piping hot meal either!
  • You have ever driven in the car by yourself, happily singing away with nursery rhymes on repeat, without realising you can listen to your own music.
  • You have had to explain to your kids that when you are on the telephone they can’t speak to you, to have them continue talking to you.
  • You have ever used the phrase ‘What’s the magic word?’
  •  You don’t remember the last time you saw the bottom of your dirty clothes hamper.
  • You have ever licked your finger to wet it, in order to wipe residual food off your child’s face, whilst in public.
  • Your child has ever had head lice and you have spent hours combing through every strand of hair in search of the elusive critters – only to go through the procedure again a week later and a week after that too!
  • You manage to leave at least one shoe, toy, item of clothing etc at a friend’s house, every time you visit.
  • Your hairstyle consists of a hastily thrown up ponytail 90% of the time because you don’t have time for styling.
  • You keep spare napkins from McDonalds in the glove box of your car, because you know there will be a need for those in the not too distant future.
  • Your handbag weighs a ton because it contains any or all of the following: lego, toy cars, hair bands, jewellery, wipes and a plush toy or two.
  • When your child learned to eat by themself, there was more Spaghetti Bolognese smeared all over their face and through their hair, than in their stomach.
  • You have ever wished the kid’s bedtime was about two hours earlier!
  • You have ever woken up because you feel a presence near the bed to find a small person staring at you, or alternatively been woken by being poked by a small person standing next to your bed.
  • You have ever used a damp cloth to try to remove the remnants of baby puke off your shoulder in order to rush out of the house.
  • You have ever removed a car seat from the car to find the equivalent of a box of crackers worth of crumbs hiding beneath.
  • You have ever pretended a spoonful of food is an aeroplane.
  •  You have ever sat staring at your sleeping child just reveling in the fact that you managed to create something so perfect.


There are so many little things all parents experience raising a child that are special and unique to them, but are also not dissimilar to what we all go through. Feel free to comment to add other things that you think are telltale signs that show you are a Mum (or Dad).


 (Photo courtesy of Jonathon Fitch,


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