Whilst I often talk about my interactions with my kids, the fact is, my kids are lucky to have a very attentive and loving Dad too! There are so many things he does for our kids that make him such a great role model and father. I could by no means list them all, so I have decided to list ten things that show what a fantastic Dad he is:

  1. He turned down an international role in his company that required a lot of travel, so he could spend more time with his family.
  2. He once spent an entire week of his annual leave building the kids a treehouse (from scratch).
  3. He is the master of setting challenges for our kids to distract them in restaurants – a favourite is balancing utensils on glasses.
  4. He is the first to suggest a family movie night at home and will sit through whatever mediocre film is appropriate for all the kids.
  5. He prepares a hearty breakfast for the kids each morning, even though they are capable of getting their own food, just so he knows they are eating well.
  6. He is a patient teacher. Whether it is driving lessons, snowboarding or surfing lessons, he keeps his cool when giving instructions (far better than I do!)
  7. He is happy to spend hours towing kids behind the boat to give them a healthy form of entertainment.
  8. He has made the effort to get to personally know each of the kids friends – something that not all Dads seem to do.
  9. He explains stuff! He will take the time to explain to our kids how mechanical and electronic stuff works – apparently pistons, circuits and other widgets are involved. Clearly I don’t pay much attention, but hopefully our kids do!
  10. Every day he tells each and every one of our kids that he loves them. Even when he travels he Skypes or sends messages of love to them.


When you choose a life partner, you are looking for someone you are compatible with, however before you actually have children, you don’t know what sort of parent they will be. Thankfully, our kids lucked out in getting such an awesome Dad!


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