The other day I overheard a very cute conversation between Master Eight and his older sister. They had been playing nicely and then he turned to her and sweetly said ‘Did I tell you that when I die, I’m going to leave my kids to you?’ She then ruffled his hair and said ‘Cool,’ before continuing with the game they had been playing.

It is such a complex thing to decide who should be the guardian of your children, and the fact that he has decide in advance of having kids, actually in advance of hitting puberty, who will look after his kids is very cute. For a little person with no real currency, he thought of the greatest asset he will ever have, and just bequeathed it to his sister.

The funny thing is that he bestowed this greatest honour not on his sister that he plays with the most, but the one with which he spends the least amount of time. I wonder whether he felt that she was playing with him in a maternal way that would make her a good mother to care for his kids, or he just wanted to verbalise his gratitude for her company in a greater way than just saying thanks.

Either way, it melted my heart to hear him tell his sister of his love and respect for her, even if it wasn’t put in those terms.






(Picture courtesy of Akarakingdoms,



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