Have you noticed how babies are like computer software?


Just when you are happy with the way things are working there is always the upgrade to allow things to function better. And just like that promised upgrade of software, the new and improved version often has teething problems (sometimes quite literally with babies). Furthermore, just like a software upgrade there is no way to return to the previous way of functioning. You just need to become familiar with the new capabilities and eventually you will forget things once operated on a more basic level.


I think back to when my baby first rolled. We all thought this was the beginning of something special, until we realised it meant the baby wasn’t necessarily in the same spot we left her. When our baby started to crawl we were ecstatic, until it became clear that every cupboard and power point were now fair game. When our baby began to walk we encouraged her by holding her hands until she mastered walking by herself, which then meant every piece of furniture provide a source of support whilst also providing an increased risk of injury.


We are always so keen for that upgrade to new and improved features that we don’t realise how good we have life until those new skills are acquired and there is no turning back!


Part of me wishes I could press a reset button and go back to a time when my babies could just smile, eat and feed. But I know, as soon as I did that I would be wanting them to reach their next goals. Instead I have chosen to embrace them for their current skill set because you never know when that next upgrade is coming!






(Picture courtesy of jannoon028, freedigitalphotos.net)











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