Today I have a household full of kids. Strangely enough, there is more harmony with ten kids playing than there is when just my four kids are hanging out.

I know some people would feel flustered with so many kids at their place, but I truly believe that if everyone has someone to play with, then it is actually easier than just having your own kids. We are lucky enough to have the room for each of the kids to find an area to hang out, but funnily enough they all choose to congregate together outside – swimming in the pool, jumping on the trampoline and relaxing on the sun lounges listening to music. We are lucky to have a beautiful sunny day today and the kids are making the most of it, enjoying each other’s company and the chance to wind down after a full-on year.

I know that if I didn’t have any young guests over, my kids would probably be holed up inside watching television and playing on their phones! In a nutshell, not only is it more harmonious to have extra kids over, it is healthier for my kids.

I love the fact that my kids have such lovely friends and that they choose to hang out at our place. In years to come, I’m sure it will be considered ‘uncool’, so for now I’ll listen to the squeals and laughter of a multitude of kids and be satisfied that my kids are wearing themselves out, hopefully wanting to go to bed early tonight (okay, that is probably unrealistic, but one can wish!).





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