My husband has been overseas this week and although I’m the primary carer of our kids, it makes a huge difference to the running of the household when he’s not here. It’s not so much the running around after the kids that becomes more difficult, it’s just missing the sanity of adult company with whom to sit and discuss the day’s events. That and someone who can put out the rubbish bins, operate the alarm clock and put the tv on the correct AV/HDMI/WTF to make the channels come up. The nights have been quiet and lonely – I really miss TV my husband.

It has made me think of all the single Mums and how they cope day to day without any respite. It’s a hard job to be the only person your children can come to for transport, affection, advice, homework assistance and money. The only one to do the shopping, cooking, cleaning and maintenance, whilst understanding technology well enough to turn on the bloody TV. You don’t get to tag team being the mean, nagging parent – you have to be the disciplinarian all the time! For me there is a light at the end of the tunnel as my husband will be home on the weekend, but for many out there, this is a way of life.

Obviously there are many and varied reasons why people are raising their kids by themselves, but what they have in common is the fact that it is hard work to care for children without the emotional and practical support of another person. So to all the single parents out there, I just wanted to say that I take my hat off to you and salute you for the long hours and hard work you put into raising your kids on your own.



(photo courtesy of freedigitalphoto.net)



  1. Great post Jo! We’ve been doing the tag-team discipline thing here quite a lot lately after a dummy spit about me being “the bad cop” all the time. My hat is off to single parents too. 🙂 x

  2. ‘It has made me think of all the single Mums’… and Dads!

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