The other night as we drove home from a family dinner out to celebrate my daughter’s birthday, my son puffed up his chest and proudly announced to the car that he knows what a stiffy is! His older sisters all burst into laughter whilst my husband and I looked at each other trying to hide our smirking.

‘Oh right’ I mumbled nonchalantly. ‘You get it when you think about a woman,’ he added (much to the girl’s embarrassment and heightened hysterics). Not really knowing where this topic came from or where to steer it, I sat silently. Then he dropped the bombshell. ‘So Dad,’ he asked quite earnestly, ‘have you ever had a stiffy?’ 

How do you answer that? I took a sideways glance at my husband to see a look of embarrassment and sheer terror wash across his face as he sat there for a moment, taken aback by our son’s brash questioning.

Ever the master at diversion, he didn’t answer the question but asked instead ‘Who has been telling you about this? You know it’s not the sort of thing you should talk about in front of your sisters.’  Our son then divulged the source of his information (being a friend from school) before losing interest in the topic and singing along with a song on the radio.

Relief flooded through my husband as he dodged the bullet of having to answer such a direct question. Although I was hoping we have a few years before we need to have the birds and bees talk with our son, maybe due to schoolyard banter, it will be sooner than we thought.

When have you been put on the spot to answer a question that really embarrasses you?




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4 thoughts on “STIFFY

  1. That is hysterical. I love it.My daughter is still a bit young to ask me any embarrassing questions but I did accidentally teach her the word boob. She likes to point at them at unopportune times & yell out “Boob”


  3. So funny! And a little scary! They are growing up! 🙂 xx

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