When you cradle your precious child in your arms for the first time you are overwhelmed with such a pure love – a devotion that will last a lifetime and will see you go to extreme lengths to keep your child safe, nourished and loved. It is at this time that the pressure begins for you to become the perfect parent.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a perfect parent and the pressure from media (and honestly ourselves) leads us to feel guilty that we are not fulfilling every possible facet of the job description to our best ability.

The truth is, parenting is hard work and there’s no training, no sick days, no appreciation and no pay! Love our children as we may, there are days when we would all eagerly swap our kids for a sun lounge by a resort pool! That doesn’t make you a bad parent; it just makes you human.

The nagging, discipline and chores involved in raising a child don’t always allow us to be the sweet, loving, fun Mum that we all aspire to be. 

As a parent we have to juggle running the household, caring for kids, supporting our partner, assisting at school, playing taxi for extracurricular activities, helping with homework, managing sporting teams and maybe even holding down a job too!

So if at the end of the day, you have managed to keep your kids out of harms way, fed them, educated them and had time to give them a kiss and cuddle, then I think you are doing a stellar job!

When you next see someone expounding the virtues of certain gourmet meals, education techniques or extraordinary craft projects, don’t feel guilty that you are not the perfect parent instead be proud of the effort you put into raising your kids. Maybe one day (or at least on Mother’s Day) your kids will thank you for all that you do for them.


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